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  • Issuing opinions at the request of the authorities or other entities which prepares reviews and information on existing business practices, prices, origin of goods and other opinions, information concerning the marketing and the business.
  • Acting legally or in economic interests of its members, in order to initiate steps prescribed by law to bodies of state administration and local courts and other authorities to protect the interests of members against monopolistic activities, dumping, administrative decisions and interference in business activities.
  • Conducting the work and providing research services regarding the furniture market and public opinion, including developing and publishing specialized market reports. The reports are prepared using our own analysis, based on official domestic or foreign data sources. Studies also include the preparation of forecasts of the analyzed elements of the market. 
  • Creating, with according to current law, arbitration courts to resolve disputes arising from economic relations.
  • Promoting Polish entities from furniture industry which are the members of OIGPM and their products in Poland and abroad through Trade Mark “POLSKIE MEBLE – POTWIERDZONA JAKOŚĆ” and integration of entities associated to the Chamber. 
  • Providing of organizational and legal services, consulting and information in the field of business and management.
  • Training activities  and promotion of education and continual development of human resources.
  • Publishing activities.
  • Conducting the work and services in the range of technique, economy and law, including issuing opinions and analysis.  
  • Advertising activities.
  • Activities connected with organization of exhibitions and trade fairs.
  • Other services for the members of the Chamber and other entities.