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The history of OIGPM establishment – the most important facts

An initiative to establish an Economic Self-government in the furniture industry was born in 1993. In December 1993, a Founding Group met and appointed the Organising Committee from among its members. The Committee was composed of representatives of the following furniture manufacturers: Meblarska Spółdzielnia Pracy "DąB" from Gdynia, Fabryki Mebli "MEBLEX" from Łęka Opatowska, Wielkopolskie Fabryki Mebli in Oborniki, Swarzędzkie Fabryki Mebli, Jarocińskie Fabryki Mebli and "Polskie Meble" from Poznań. Fabryki Mebli "FORTE" from Ostrów Mazowiecka also joined the Committee. The Committee, in subsequent months of its activity, developed a concept of the relevant organisation operations, selecting a status of a Chamber of Commerce under the name of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers, drafted essential documents and established contacts with prospective members of the Chamber.

On 9 January 1996, the General Assembly of Founding Members adopted a resolution on establishment of the Chamber and adoption of its Articles of Association, and elected members to the authorities of the Chamber.

A five-person Presidium of the Chamber was elected during the first meeting of the Council of the Chamber. Mr. Maciej Formanowicz was elected the President of the Chamber, Mr. Jerzy Pawlak and Mr. Wojciech Czayka - Vice Presidents, and Mr. Tadeusz Hinc and Mr. Krzysztof Rydzewski - members of the Presidium. Mr. Adam Burda was elected the Director of the Office of the Chamber.

On 22 October 1996, the District Court in Poznań, XIV Commercial-Register Division, entered the Chamber to the Register of Chambers of Commerce.

The Chamber was granted membership in the Polish Chamber of Commerce by resolution of its Presidium. The OIGPM President, Mr. Maciej Formanowicz, was elected as a member of the Council of the Polish Chamber of Commerce.

In June 2001, a newly appointed the Council of the Chamber adopted a resolution on transfer the Office of the Chamber from Poznań to Warsaw. Mr. Marek Adamowicz became the Director of the Office.

In October 2001, the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufactures was entered to the Entrepreneurs Register in the National Court Register.

Pursuant to the Articles of Association, the main objectives of the Chamber are to: 

Represent and protect the interests of the associated business entities before the state and self-government administration of all levels,

Protect the business interests of its associated entities, 

Develop the principles of best practices and fair competition in business relations. 

OIGPM was admitted as an association member to UEA in August 2001.

In June 2005, the registered seat of the Chamber was transferred from Poznań to Warsaw by resolution of the General Assembly of the OIGPM members.

The Word Furniture Confederation (WFC) was established during the 2nd Word Furniture Congress in Shanghai in September 2007.

In May 2008 the Bulletin of the Chamber was issued in a new graphic form, which was prepared with the Inwestor Publishing House. At the same time, all previous Bulletins are available in electronic version on the web site of the Chamber in the ready to download files. 

In June 2008, an annual meeting of the World Furniture Confederation took place in Frankfurt. The present global trends in the furniture industry and information concerning the FIRST project were presented during the meeting.

The General Management Group of National Woods, the Team of Forestry and Wood and the team of experts were established in January 2009. The team of Experts was joined by Vice President of the Chamber Mr. Jacek Twaróg. 

In June 9, 2009 the General Assembly of the OIGPM Chamber chose the new Council of the Chamber and by the constitution of the Council on September 7, 2009 the President of the Chamber became Mr. Jacek Twaróg and Vice-Presidents are Mr. Tadeusz Rospondek and Mr. Maciej Formanowicz.  

In September 15, 2010 the Ministry of Economy settled the contest for the promotion of the Polish economy under the Activity 6.5 of POIG. Within this contest there were selected 15 industries - including the furniture industry - important from the point of view of the Polish economy for aid. They have begun the work on preparing the Industry Promotion Program for the furniture industry.

In January 2011 the OIGPM started the cooperation with B+R Studio company in range of preparation and publication of market reports aimed mainly to approximate the situation in furniture market in Poland.  

In 2011 the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufactures was awarded by diploma and a commemorative medal on the occasion of 90 anniversary of the MPT for many years of fruitful cooperation with Poznań International Fair. 

In December 2011 the OIGPM was included to the working Team of wood industry appointed by the Ministry of the Environment Mr. Janusz Zaleski. 

In April 1, 2012 the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufactures and Poznań International Fair started realisation of the Sector Promotion Program for furniture industry. The realisation of the project has been provided for 3 years. 

In April 14, 2012 the OIGPM established the cooperation with Dobroteka in Dobrodzieniu. Dobroteka is the first Polish saloon which combines functions of trade – education – research, and there is a first research laboratory in Europe  - “Apartment of the future”.

In April 17, 2012 the Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufactures became the member of the Committee for Small and Medium Enterprises at the Polish Chamber of Commerce.  

In November 2012 the OIGPM started the realization of international Project BOLSTER UP under Leonardo da Vinci Program.

In February 20, 2013 the Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufactures became a member of the Wood Industry Consultative Team. In consisted of 11 entities acting on behalf of wood industry. 

In June 1, 2013 the General Meeting of the OIGPM Chamber chose the new Council of the Chamber. The President became Mr. Jacek Twaróg, and the Vice Presidents were Mr. Tadeusz Respondek and Mr. Władysław Strykowski. 

In October 2013 the OIGPM started the realization of two international projects IQ4ECVET and VETAAL under the Leonardo da Vinci Program. 

In December 2013 the OIGPM started the realization of the international project ECO4VET under Leonardo da Vinci Program.

In 2014 the Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufactures started the cooperation with the European Confederation of Furniture Industry EFIC.

In 2014 new logo OIGPM was developed and approved by the Council of the Chamber.

In August 18, 2015 the Board of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers elected Mr. Jan Szynaka - Chairman of the Board of the company "SZYNAKA-MEBLE" Sp. z.o.o. as a new President of the Chamber. During Council Meeting on August 18, 2015 Mr. Marcin Rutkowski - President of the Management Board of Martela Sp. z. o.o. was co-opted to the Council of the Chamber.